Between Portugal of the counter-eformation and contemporary Portugal: sacred as “profane” festivities and touristic and literay itineraries

Isilda Leitão


Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, foreign travelers, religious, nobles, intellectuals, visited Portugal, coming either from Catholic countries or from countries that had joined the reformist ideals. Not only the architectural, artistic and landscape heritage, but also the processions, the religious festivals or the festivals of the Portuguese popular Saints, were reason of their reflections and, depending on the ideological and political tendencies, they let their testimonials of the customs observed.

This research is based on documentary research. It intends to highlight some of these testimonies, which could boost contents to the development of literary tourism itineraries, covering different geographical areas of Portugal. 


religious and profane festivities, foreign travelers, Portugal of the Counter- Reformation, Contemporary Portugal.


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