Use of devices in the interpretation of heritage in Andalusia

Germán Ortega Palomo, Antonio Labella Martínez


In modern society, ICTs development has brought about a radical change in tourism, with a first-rate influence on cultural tourism. New tools outbreak for cultural heritage interpretation has revealed a wide new horizon for improving its dissemination, accessibility, and enjoyment. However, this research is based on the hypothesis that a device like an audio guide is still in full demand despite having undergone a minimal evolution over the last 50 years. To contrast this hypothesis, a review of the role digital devices play in the interpretation of cultural spaces has been put into action, analyzing trends in demand and the penetration of new tools based on the development of ICTs and mobile devices and how this is affecting the supply of traditional audio guides. To this end, a large sample of cultural institutions in Andalusia has been selected (patrimonial and museums according to tourist and cultural relevance), to carry out a testing program of the different types of devices, whether analogical or digital, that are currently being offered to its visitors. It also considers others institutions proposals for the interpretation of the cultural heritage (governmental and private) from main cultural destinations in Andalusia. With this research, an assessment is made of the degree of penetration that ICTs applied to the interpretation of cultural heritage is having in Andalusia, as well as whether the degree of technological value of cultural resources is in line with new tourism trends. 


Cultural Tourism, ICTs, Audioguides, Interpretation of the heritage, cultural goods

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