Cultural tourism in Murcia Region (Spain)

Daniel Moreno Muñoz, Olga Martínez Moure, Raquel García Revilla


One of the most significant characteristics of tourism activity in recent years is the diversification of its offer due to new demands from consumers. The destinations whose tourism model has been structured in the form of sun and beach try to offer new activities that help diversify the tourist offer and meet the needs of tourists. Currently, the main economic engine of the Region of Murcia is tourism, the result of the combination of climate and coast length. This favors the arrival of tourists not only national, but from other countries such as Germany, United Kingdom or France. However, the current tourism model has a high seasonality, concentrated mainly in the summer months. The Public Administration tries to promote cultural tourism, with the purpose of valuing the patrimonial resources and generating an endogenous territorial development throughout the year. Therefore, this study analyzes the potential of cultural tourism in the Region of Murcia, especially in the places where it has developed most strongly. 


Cultural Tourism, Heritage, Murcia Region, Territorial Development

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