Integración México-Japón en el acuerdo de asociación económica: sus efectos en la balanza comercial mexicana en el período 2005-2017

José G. Vargas-Hernández, Anel Guadalupe Miranda Gutiérrez


This research seeks to analyze the effects of the Mexican trade balance on the basis of the Mexico-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement period 2005-2017. The research question is: what are the effects of the Mexican trade balance during the period 2005-2017 in terms of AAEMJ? The research method used is empirical-analytical and documentary, it is obtained, that the AAEMJ has strengthened the economic relationship between both countries; however, it has a trade deficit with Japan of 12 million dollars, the growth of imports is due to Establishment of Japan's FDI in Mexico. Mexican exports need support and development programs. 


AAEMJ, Mexican trade balance, FDI

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