Patrimonialization and intangible heritage as a dynamizing element of the local economy in Zacazonapan State of Mexico

Rebeca Osorio González, Rocío Serrano Barquín, Daniela Palmas Castrejón


A case study on the production of aged cheese is presented in the municipality of Zacazonapan, State of Mexico, from the perspective of Bessière (1998) and Espeitx (2008) on the activation of intangible cultural heritage in the context of rural tourism. The production of the mature cheese is traditional, 150 years of being carried out, in this municipality, but at the moment its continuity is at risk. The producers are older women and young people are not interested in maintaining this activity. The objective was to develop a patrimonialisation proposal for the aged cheese that allows to relaunch this productive activity, which represents a contribution not only to the family economy but local and regional.

For this, a survey was carried out, based on a sampling by clusters (Bolaños, 2012: 14-18). At the same time, an inventory of the tourist resources of Zacazonapan was elaborated and the hierarchy and analysis of resources were carried out in terms of their tourist potential. The proposal of a route of the aged cheese is proposed and its viability is analyzed; it is concluded that there are conditions for the success of the proposal, since cheese production is part of the customs, traditions and life forms of the population according to 97% of the respondents. Where know-how is linked to cheese production and is mainly due to the accumulation of knowledge subject to the production of the product. 


Intangible heritage, patrimonialization, rural tourism, aged cheese and local economy

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