From homo sapiens to homo viator

Inmaculada Mengual Bernal


Tourism has been studied deeply from a subjective perspective focused on "tourists", namely, those who move to another destination. And it is from this vision, from which we conclude preferences, quantification of expenses, etc. But this analysis focuses not on tourists but on assessing the phenomenon of tourism from the side of receiving citizens, and also of the places that are chosen: the destinations. It is therefore a new protagonist role to be played by fate per se. Apprehended this both from an objective view, which tourism product that attracts and presents an offer (as a whole: territory, infrastructures, points of interest, etc.). But next to this vision, another complementary -which can not be turned off- what is the human perspective of this destiny. And valued in its broadest sense, as a set of traditions, customs, etc. And through this study with this change of role, the tourist experience is enriched. But it not only contributes this plus, but also leads, in greater abundance, a second summation factor in the destination itself, since it is a way of developing the local economy. And all with the ultimate goal of sustainability. 


communication, destinations, culture, integration, sustainability

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