The hypotrome Miguel Salem dibo as a tourist product

Alba Caicedo Barreth, Sergio Torres Quiroga, Lissette Elizabeth Cueva Quimi, Evelyn Melgar Pérez


This project concerns the use of riding tourism, based in horse racing based of Ecuador, dating back more than 100 years ago. The study takes place in the Hippodrome Miguel Salem Dibo located in Samborondón, which has experience in the field of racing, and is the only reference for this kind of activities in the country, hence it has been considered by this investigation into the possibility of adding new activities and maintaining merging the activities Racecourse nowadays. The general objective was proposed: To analyze the current situation of the Hippodrome Miguel Salem Dido for its development as a tourism product. Searches were given out through the application of analytical and synthetic logical and historical methods, through the use of techniques such as observation, interview and survey of a sample of 374 visitors to the racecourse to assess needs, expectations and suggestions for the purpose of this study. According to the results of surveys and interviews, considering the comments and suggestions from visitors to the racecourse it was recognized the pertinence to present an equestrian tourism product in this place. As practical application this article provides the aspects to consider in the development of these kind of products. 


riding tourism, tourism development, tourism product

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