Analysis of experiences of recovery and revitalization of the historical center of Lorca

María del Carmen Solano-Báez, Prudencio Jose Riquelme-Perea, Cesar García Pina


The historical elements, as valuable elements of heritage, present particular problems and difficult to solve, working on their protection, conservation and revitalization, it must be understood that a complex urban sector, which requires a broad and interdisciplinary can only be seen from the care of the built heritage.

Six years after the earthquake in the town of Lorca, various efforts have been made to revitalize, restore and restructure urban development; before this variety of actions, some concluded, some updated and some more in process of execution, is, of vital importance, a plan that guarantees the continuity and adequacy of these processes.

This work is based on an extensive and thorough review of the sectoral actions carried out in the historical center after the earthquake and the compilation of existing planning instruments that can contribute to coordinate future actions in the historical center of Lorca. 


Cultural heritage, historical heritage, historical center of Lorca, revitalization, capitalization of experiences, economic dynamization

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