A proposal for industrial tourism in Cantabria (Spain)

Karen Mazarrasa Mowinckel, Ignacio Sariego López


Cantabria has in this possession an industrial heritage of great importance, that handled in a correct way could be converted in to a tourist product. There are already some cases where real products exist, but there are still others that due to their bad condition need to be rehabilitated in order for them to be offered to the tourism sector. There are times where by just giving value, diffusion, or adding adequate information for the visitors ́ comprehension is the only thing needed. With some of these resources, one can map out industrial touristic routes, and those that aren ́t in a proper condition, can be included in other cultural touristic routes. (This is the case with the flour mills in the Besaya valley, a rich romanic route). Thus, in this paper we present some industrial touristic routes and others where industrial resources can be included. 


industrial heritage, resources, products, routes

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