Cultural tourism handcrafted products: a research study in Morroa and Sampues, Colombia

Martha Elena González Vergara, Andrea Paola Baquero Tobías


This study shows a design of an artisan cultural tourism product from the perspective of the associativity, based on bibliographical references. It seeks to promote the preservation of culture, identity and tradition of crafts as well as to contribute to the improvement of community development, through economic and social links between handicrafts and tourism, by making a characterization of the different Craft and Artisans Associations in the municipalities of Morroa (Montes de Maria region) and Sampués, Colombia. The study followed the methodology proposed by the Colombian Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, together with the criteria of other authors such as Szmulewicz and the concept of interpretativity according to Zamorano. The final product was designed based on dialogues and workshops among all the actors involved, seeking from the two communities, to strengthen the unions and identifying the most culturally influential artisan attractions, such as loom weaving: hammocks, backpacks, handbags, table roads, cane weaving arrow: Headgear, "Sombrero Vueltiao", wallets and traditional folk handicrafts in tannery or tannery: traditional handmade sandals called “Abarcas”. The characterization allowed to identify that the artisans belong to the Zenú ethnic group, mothers head of family, displaced and victims of the violence, as well as mothers head of family, displaced people and some other victims of the violence. The results of the study include suggestions for the Craft and Artisans Associations of sustainability such as brand image, good practices and technical proposal with low cost architectural furniture, easy to implement, taking into account environmental regulations, mobility, exhibition, sales and tourist interaction with local artisans. 


cultural tourism product, craft and artisans associations, crafts, tourism and sustainability

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