A literary itinerary in the footsteps of Portuguese travellers in Andalusia

Isilda de Sousa Leitão


From the 1990s onwards, Travel Literature expanded to open up a greater dialogue with Tourism in general and boosting increasingly significant flows of tourism that have impacted on higher numbers of visitors heading to not only Writer House Museums but also places described and featuring in their respective literary works.

Andalusia both was and remains a pole of attraction to Portuguese intellectuals whether due to the depth of its historical roots or as the birthplace of the contemporary era. The objective of this article involves sharing the perspectives of these Portuguese travellers embarking on their adventures through the lands of Andalusia over the course of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Following the introduction, we then move on to briefly detail the relationship between Literature and Tourism before presenting the intellectuals and the region that they visited. We organise our methodology around the places that these travellers visited whilst structuring this itinerary of the authors and their works according to a chronological approach. We correspondingly propose a literary itinerary that simultaneously also proves a travel itinerary that any visitor might follow. We close our presentation with some final reflections. 


Literary Itineraries, Travellers, Andalusia

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