Adlib fashion: From hippies to tourists

José Ramón Cardona


The hippie movement was a social phenomenon of the twentieth century well known worldwide. It emerged in various cities of Western countries, although its beginnings are in the San Francisco Bay, and expanded worldwide forming communities in partially developed locations. These communities were formed as part of a trip to the East, specifically to India. One of those communities was Ibiza. The image of freedom and tolerance previously diffused by artists and beatniks was what led to the emergence of this community. Although all hippies’ communities had great similarities due to a common aesthetic influence of India, they adopted elements of the local society in which they were rooted. The hippie community of Ibiza combined oriental elements and local tradition in their clothing. This dress was spread by the media, becoming part of the image of the island. In the early seventies emerge a native fashion created by a group of designers of the island and protected by the mark "Adlib fashion". Although the designers have changed over the years, the umbrella brand and its presence in the image of the island has remained. Today it is an element of the image of Ibiza that a significant economic sector. 


hippies, Ibiza, clothing, touristic image, Adlib

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