Guide for the management of the tourist information center

José Peláez López


This document focuses the global management of the tourist information center and its relevant role in the destination tourist system. It remarks its main aims and services planned in order to help the tourist, local business and community.

A special reference is done for the different types of tourist information center that exist and their distribution, regarding at the arranged areas. Besides, the steps which make the tourist information service and the way to manage the tourist affluence in the center destination, and roads are other aspects included.

Human resources must not be forgotten as they are the most relevant figure in the day-to- day of the tourist information center. Well motivated, trained and empathetic workers are essential in order to offer a better service than the tourist may expect.

We also have dealt with the opening and closing timetables which are always restricted by the budget. The investigation tackles also the statistics topic and the management with the claims and complaints, one of the main challenges of the services

Natural environment, ethic principles versus bad practices are matters which inspire the way to the good service.

Last but not least, useful tools are mentioned in order to give a quality service to the tourist. 


Management, service, information, tourist, center, destination

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