Turismo, grandes producciones y posicionamiento urbanos: el rodaje de "Juego de tronos" en Girona

Pere Parramon Rubio, F. Xavier Medina


The influence of film or television filming in the interest of certain destinations has been gaining momentum in recent years. Shootings of great significance such as The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter in the case of film, or Mad Men or Downton Abbey in the case of TV series, have placed on the tourist map or have significantly increased cultural tourism in some international destinations.

This paper aims to discuss the case of the tourism impact of an international blockbuster as Game of Thrones in the city of Girona. The use of this heritage city as film set has affected in different ways both in promoting the city and its perception in a key tourism: promotion of the city while television location; visit locations used in the filming (and the consequent transformation of its heritage perception); addition of value or interest to certain places that previously had not; creation of tourist routes based on Game of Thrones; creation and sale of merchandising; transformation of the relationship of residents with their environment ... All these aspects have somehow transformed the relationship of the city with visitors and locals. Some will be passengers; others of longer duration. However, the tourist transformation of the city in greater or lesser extent, must be so taken into account as analyzed. 


Tourism, film, television, Game of Thrones, Girona

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